Check out our NEW
Medium Size
General Purpose Board on the Products Page!

A Revolutionary New Product that's Replacing White Boards in Classrooms Everywhere!

Are Dry Erase Boards Costing You A Fortune?
Fed Up With Messy Chalkboards?
Tired of Fumes from Smelly Pens?

Out with the old technology and in with the new patented "Gelboard".  Gelboards are cost efficient, clean and safe.  Write and erase freely without any smell and absolutely NO MESS! Gelboards are clean, safe and loads of fun! Teachers everywhere are already seeing the advantages, now it's your turn...

How does is it work?  The Gelboard uses a safe, non-toxic gel that allows you to write magically with a magnetic stylus.  To erase, you simply rub the image away with your finger.  You can use it over and over again.  With years of classroom testing it will last a
long time!


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